Our Year in Review

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The Friends of The Park

The Board of Directors at the Bath Youth Meetinghouse & Skatepark worked hard to make 2016 a success.

From increasing our fundraising to adding new programs, here are some of the year's highlights:


Expanded Computer Lab

Riley Insurance Agency & Burgess Technology Services donated equipment, services and support to help us expand our computer lab to 6 users. 

Teen Essentials & Teen Clothing Closet

Our Teen Essentials Bags were filled by generous community members & organizations, including the Cosmopolitan Club of Bath

By working with local high schools, the bags containing toiletries & light snacks, are distributed to teens facing adversity.

Our Clothing Closet is now fully stocked with winter jackets, clothing, and shoes!

New Opportunities

Local teens had the opportunity to learn from renowned musician and storyteller, Odds Bodkin, in a recent collaboration with RSU1. 


Midcoast Community Alliance

Gathering leaders from local schools, law enforcement, hospitals, mental health organizations, and community organizations, we have formed the Midcoast Community Alliance. 

The vision of the Midcoast Community Alliance is to be a suicide-free community comprised of invested, empathetic, and responsive members of all ages, demographics & backgrounds; a community that educates and brings awareness to mental health to reduce stigma and increase help-seeking; a community that works hand in hand to provide a safety net to those who are hurting, so they can find hope and healing.

Spirit of Christmas Fair

We became the new event organizers for the annual Spirit of Christmas Fair, adding important funding to our annual budget.

This much needed funding will allow us to provide new & exciting opportunities for our teens!


Looking Ahead to 2017

Here are some the projects we will be working on:

  • Revitalizing the Interior of The Park with murals, new furniture, and a gaming center;
  • Adding a Stage/Performing Center;
  • Upgrading Business Software;
  • Continuing to develop youth programming.

Your Donation Will Help

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